Thrill Digger

Assistant & Simulator

Game Overview

Tubert from Skyward Sword

Thrill Digger is a game similar to Minesweeper where the goal is to try to dig up as many rupees as possible without digging up a bomb. You can find it in the Eldin Volcano area and can play by speaking to Tubert.

The Thrill Digger Assistant will try to give you the best possible chance to win the minigame from The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword. You can also play the Thrill Digger game!

Game Rupees: 0

All Time: 0

Bomb Chance: 10%


Link from Skyward Sword1. Beginner has 4 bombs, intermediate has 4 bombs and 4 rupoors, and expert has 8 bombs and 8 rupoors.

2. What you dig up tells you information about the surrounding area:
  • Green Rupee (1) - No bomb/rupoor holes around it
  • Blue Rupee (5) - One or two bomb/rupoor holes around it
  • Red Rupee (20) - Three or four bomb/rupoor holes around it
  • Silver Rupee (100) - Five or six bomb/rupoor holes around it
  • Gold Rupee (300) - Seven or eight bomb/rupoor holes around it
3. Prizes for completing the game include a Golden Skull, Goddess Plume, or Blue Bird Feather.

Check out the Thrill Digger wiki page for more info.


The solver has some bugs and is occasionally slow if moves are spaced out. The algorithm solves a constraint satisfaction problem and eliminates possible bomb positions when constraints aren't met. Feel free to send me any comments.

Update 6/20/19: Fixed the contact page. The address was wrong for 3 years so if you reached out, try again!

Update 2/8/20: Rupoors do not set Current Winnings below 0. This allows All Time Winnings to be more accurate!

Thrill Digger, Zelda, Skyward Sword copyright Nintendo.