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Tubert from Skyward Sword

Thrill Digger is a minigame in The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword where you dig up as many rupees as possible! If you dig up a bomb, it's game over. The minigame is similar to Minesweeper. You can play by heading to the Eldin Volcano area and speaking to Tubert.

Play & Solve

You can play Thrill Digger! You can also run a solver to try to give you the best possible chance to win the minigame.

0 Rupees

0 Rupees All Time

Bomb Chance: 10%


The board you choose has different risks!
· Beginner (-30): 4 bombs / 0 rupoors
· Intermediate (-50): 4 bombs / 4 rupoors
· Expert (-70): 8 bombs / 8 rupoors

Link from Skyward Sword

What you dig up tells you about the surrounding area!
· Green Rupee (+1): 0 nearby bombs / rupoors
· Blue Rupee (+5): 1 or 2 nearby bombs / rupoors
· Red Rupee (+20): 3 or 4 nearby bombs / rupoors
· Silver Rupee (+100): 5 or 6 nearby bombs / rupoors
· Gold Rupee (+300): 7 or 8 nearby bombs / rupoors


Update 7/16/21: Skyward Sword HD released! A ton of new features were added to the site including way better support for mobile devices, dark mode, higher quality images, and a friendlier UI, enjoy 😀

Update 2/8/20: Rupoors do not set current rupees below 0. This allows All Game rupees to be more accurate!

The solver may have bugs and can be slow if moves are spaced out. The algorithm solves a constraint satisfaction problem like in Minesweeper solvers and eliminates possible bomb positions when constraints aren't met.

Feel free to send me any comments using the contact button below.

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